Treatment Programme


A client need to stay three months at the centre for residential treatment. After the residential period is over the client is required to enrol into the relapse prevention programme. Parents/guardians are required to assist the client's recovering process and help to cope with uncomfortable feelings.


Wherever possible, the residential programme incorporates activities and experiences consistent with normal lifestyles. The clients will have a formal treatment programme during week days, less structured activities in evenings and in weekends.


Daily activities includes individual and group counselling sessions, educational programmes, care and maintenance of the centre, work projects such as landscaping, creative pursuits such as pottery, welding work, carpentry and drama, stress management activities like muscle relaxation, meditation and recreation. Television and news papers are available for residents.


About Centers

The centers consists of counselling rooms, office buildings, vocational training units, kitchen and dining hall(s). Those are located in easily accessed and free locations. The centers provides basic but clean and hygienic accommodation, a balance diet, in-door and out-door recreational facilities, a group of friendly and trained staff. The treatment programme consists of medical attention, counselling, behavioural therapy, vocational training, in-door and out-door recreational activities. The treatment needs of each person are assessed individually.


The centers managed by a resident Manager with a trained and well experienced Counsellor, Assistant Counsellors and members of treatment staff who takes care of the residents. The Counsellor would personally talk to parents, spouses or guardians on admission of the client to the centre and would take them around to show the facilities provided at the centre. There is a monthly get-together at the centre for client's parents, spouses or guardians.




Community Counselling Centers





“Siyapatha” Counseling Center
Old Ceylon Buddhist Congress Complex
Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Colombo 07
Tel : 011 309 1394






Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Counseling Center
Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Society
No. 130, Maligakanda Rd, Maradana
Tel : 011 267 7626 / 011 493 5077



Hot Line : 1984


 Colombo Treatment Centre

Address Revention,Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
  # 172, Shanthi Mawatha
Tel +94 11 2788090
Fax +94 11 2788090

 Kandy Treatment Centre

Address Revention,Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
  Mampitiya Estate
  Handessa, Peradeniya
Tel +94 81 2315504
Fax +94 81 2315504

 Galle Treatment Centre

Address Revention,Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
Tel +94 91 2224443
Fax +94 91 2224443

 Nawadiganthaya Treatment Centre

Address Revention,Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
Tel +94 33 2283060
Fax +94 33 2283060

 Youth Treatment Centre

Address Revention,Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
  # 440 / 2, Makumbura
Tel +94 11 3013002