Outreach division

Outreach division in National Dangerous Drugs Control Board specially focus on minimize demand on drug with create treatment opportunities and empower the law enforcement agencies to minimize supply on drug through enhance the awareness of populace.
We shore up to develop skills in drug dependents to overcome from drug through process of treatment and rehabilitation and empower their family members through family counseling.
Outreach division conduct programmes in eighteen districts within nine provinces. According to outreach division deliver following centralized services from Head office.

Identify the new drug users and registered.

  • Forwarded for treatments and mediate form drug.
  • Forwarded for rehabilitation centers in NDDCB and private centers.
  • Provide counseling services in government hospital clinic.
  • Conduct follow ups.
  • Counseling drugs user’s family members.
  • Guidance with solutions for unemployment, Legal status, health care & other social issues.
  • Conduct prevention and training programs for school, parents, community, government & non-government institutes, youth groups, labours, plantation sector, law enforcement sector and health sector.
  • Conduct training programmes for youth groups, Government officers, officers who are working in law enforcement agencies and non organizational officers.
  • Conduct provincial drug prevention and treatment programs directly by chief secretary in relevant province.

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