Research Division

The Research division is one of the main divisions in NDDCB. The research division is responsible for conducts and undertakes research studies and surveys, producing publications including annual hand book of drug abuse information.

Producing drug related information for the policy makers, service providers, agencies involved in drug prevention and control, facilitators, other national and international organizations for drug prevention and control activities.

Research division collects information from the government and non-governmental agencies, civil societies, general public in order to asses and monitors the drug problem in the country and provides information for revision of the policies, to introduce new policies and for decision making.

In terms of the NDDCB act number 11 of 1984, section 7 (a), (b), and (f), functions of the research division are as follows.

(a) sub-section – formulate and review a national policy relating to the prevention and control of the abuse of dangerous drugs and to advise and make recommendations to the minister on such policy ;

(b) sub-section – call forsuch information and particulars from individuals, organizations, government departments and public corporations as may reasonably be necessary to exercise the powers of the Board ;

(f) sub-section – conduct and undertake research studies into the prevalence, etiology and legal, medical, social, cultural and economic implications of the abuse of dangerous drugs

In addition to above functions,

Research division maintains Drug Abuse Monitoring System (DAMS) to determine the incidences, prevalence and characteristic of drug dependent persons, to monitor trends and patterns of drug abuse, identify “at-risk” groups in the population and for the implementation of early warning system.

Produces and publishes reports on drug abuse and drug related information to policy makers, service providers, services needed, facilitators, other national and international organizations (UNODC/WHO/SAARC/UNDP) for drug control activities and to asses and monitor the drug problem in the country.

Statistics pertaining to incidence, prevalence, and characteristics of drug users in connection with treatment facilities of arrest by the Police are collected and analyzed to monitor trends and patterns of drug use, to determine and describe ‘at risk’ groups in the population, to assess and evaluate existing treatment and rehabilitation and outreach programmes conducted by NDDCB.

Monitoring and evaluating of Drug prevention, Outreach and Treatment & Rehabilitation programme of the NDDCB/NGOs/Prisons for policy making and implementing.

Provide drug related information/reports to the International Narcotic Control Board, United Nations Office for Drugs and Crimes (UNODC, WHO and SAARC.

Conducting national & international law enforcement training programmes organized by the UNODC/NDDCB’

Strategies of Research Division

- Publications and sharing information
- Trend Analysis
- Data base management
- Training and knowledge dissemination
- Research studies and surveys
- International co-operation

Research Staff

Assistant Director
Mr. A.T Darshana

Research Officers:
Ms. B.V. Hiruni Wathsala Chathurangi
Ms. A. Nilani Renuka
Ms. P. N.S. Tissera
Mr. S. Wasantha Pradeep Kumara

Assistant Research Officers:
Ms. G.G. Asanka Madhuhansi
Mr. K.D. Arjuna Ranasinghe
Ms. Thushari Walasmullage
Ms. Jayani Ranasinghe

Research Assistant:
Ms. H.M. Bhadra Kumari Herath

Management Assistant:
Ms. Rajeswaran Suraji

NDDCB is the pioneer Government Institution which discharges its functions with an aim to eradicate the drug menace from Sri Lanka.

Among the other functions, providing treatment to the drug dependants and rehabilitation of drug dependants are main roles of the NDDCB.

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